Tour, Day 21 – Burnin’ Rubber, Burnin’ Up


The Road

After last night’s show I drove a couple of hours to the South Llano River State Park to camp for the night. Per usual, I’m setting up my tent in the dark and wondering what creatures lurk in the woods. But I’m up early and on the road before 7am. No show today, just endless amounts of driving through some of the hottest, most inhospitable parts of the United States. After 9am I don’t think the temp has dropped below 90 all day. I have to get to Phoenix tonight – that’s my goal – so that I have an easier drive tomorrow to San Diego, where I have 2 shows on Wednesday.

Miles Driven: 860
States: Texas, Texas, Texas, More Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
Lodging: With my uncle, Craig, in Phoenix, Arizona

I arrive in Phoenix around 8pm, the temperature is 104 degrees. My sister says on days like this a breeze feels like someone has turned a hair-dryer right in your face. That’s exactly what it feels like as I roll my window down. “But it’s a dry heat…” Indeed.

Not much to say about this day other than it will be my most ambitious in terms of driving yet, around 860 miles when it’s all said and done. I will just be so glad to get out of the interminable state of Texas (despite my comment about the women a couple of days back).

Highway #2

More Road

My final comment today is to give a shout-out to the most wonderful app that I have yet purchased (another recommendation from my soon-to-be brother-in-law, Colin Hubbard): TuneIn. You must get it! I listened to the BBC London, Radio France and RTVE (Spain) all day. It really helped me through. (As an aside, it would be nice someday to have the support of a label to the extent that Norah Jones (most deservedly) does. I was listening to Radio France for a while. They cut to her new single. I listened to it for a bit then switched to Radio España where the exact same song was playing. Wow. Norah could quote Ludacris and say, “I’m worldwide, b*tch, act like y’all know.”)

Pulling out the next day, I’m extremely grateful to my Uncle Craig who hooked me up with two amazing ham and egg croissant sandwiches – one for breakfast, one for lunch – and his Fry’s card so that I could get a discount on (the very expensive) gas in Arizona and California.

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