Song of the Week #11 (9/26/12)

Song of the Week #11

This week’s “Song of the Week” demo was created last night and this afternoon and is based on a marimba riff (see below) that I created this summer. Honestly, I hated the riff but made myself record it anyway because it popped into my head. I keep everything and constantly go over old voice memos recorded on my phone, song ideas recorded quickly on garage band, etc. looking for ideas.

I hadn’t listened to the marimba thing for a while. When I was checking it out last night, I added some delay to the part and it suddenly became something that I thought was cool. Thus this song: “House on Fire.” The song name is the working album title I’ve been using with all of my new songs.

“House on Fire”

“Marimba Riff”

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