Song of the Week #10 (9/19/12)

Song of the Week #10

Early this summer my sister asked me to write a song for the first dance at her wedding. I can’t tell you how excited I was. During a layover in Pittsburgh in June for about 6 hours, I took a shuttle downtown with my guitar and ended up writing most of the song, “I Feel So Lucky,” while sitting on a park bench between a couple of office buildings. (I had thrown my guitar case down sloppily in front of me and one of the security guys ended up asking me to leave thinking I was panhandling!)

My brother, Ryan, plays lead guitar in the video below along with Eric Davis, friend of the groom who also plays with About A Girl in Atlanta, and my cousin, Michelle Stevens. A few members of the band, Shimmer, also join us – Jay, Pearcy and Joe. Ryan and I did rehearsals piecemeal throughout the week prior to the wedding with each of the players. The performance was the only time we all played the song together. Enjoy the flashing cowboy hats!

“I Feel So Lucky”

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