Song of the Week #22: “Thank You”

Song of the Week #22

I started writing this song, “Thank You,” the day before Thanksgiving in hopes of posting it that week. I still don’t have the melodies finalized – again lyrically lagging behind.

The song is about being up against it, running and gratitude. Here is the first verse:

The rain is coming down but I just have to get out of the house
to feel the air against my skin and sweat my demons out.

As I pour over the asphalt the past is running through my mind
but those things they stay the same no matter how fast I fly.

But the streets are drying out as I make the turn toward home,
and the sunshine is breaking through the clouds.

We’ll be playing this and other new songs at Juno and Jupiter‘s first show on Saturday, January 5th at the Drunken Unicorn. We go on early; please come check us out!

“Thank You”

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